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HSF Grant Applications

Empowering Educational Excellence: Apply for an HSF Grant Today

Through our grants, we aim to empower the Haldane community to bring forward ideas that enhance educational excellence beyond the traditional curriculum. From pioneering technology to creative learning initiatives, we support projects that make a meaningful impact on student learning and foster long-term benefits for our district. Whether you're initiating a new project or seeking to expand an existing program, we invite you to explore the resources available on this page, including application forms, feedback mechanisms, and detailed FAQs.


Begin your application process by downloading the grant document and carefully fill out all sections to detail the scope and impact of your project. Once complete, please convert your proposal into a PDF format for submission. This ensures your application is reviewed with the clarity and integrity it deserves.


Important Deadlines:

Fall 2024 Cycle Deadline: TBD

Spring 2024 Cycle Deadline: 4/29/24

We understand that questions may arise during the application process. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us at for any inquiries or further clarification. We are here to support you every step of the way.

HSF Grant Application FAQ

Q: How do I access the application?

A: The application can be downloaded here.

Q: What are the application deadlines?

A: Applications are due by April 29 for the Spring cycle and October 31st for the Fall cycle. Some years these will be different, but we update them on the HSF website. 


Q: Can I apply outside the regular cycles?

A: Yes, urgent 'out of cycle' applications are accepted with the Haldane Superintendent's support and signature.


Q: How should I submit my application?

A: Complete the application, convert it to a PDF, and email it with any supporting documents to with the subject line ‘HSF Grant Application’.


Q: Who is eligible to apply?

A: All members of the Haldane community supported by a Haldane Faculty Member can apply.


Q: What happens after I submit my application?

A: Your application will undergo an initial review for completeness, followed by a detailed evaluation by the HSF Grant Committee and the Board of Trustees. You will be notified via email about the decision.


Q: What criteria does the HSF use to evaluate applications?

A: We look for projects that align with our mission, enhance the school district, impact student learning, are innovative, and can show long-term benefits.


Q: Who can I contact with questions?

A: For any inquiries, email us at


Q: What if my application is successful?

A: You'll be notified by email, assigned a grant number for tracking expenses, and expected to spend the funds within a year. We encourage sharing your project's impact through photos or articles and completing a Grant Feedback Form upon completion.

Get to know The Haldane School Foundation

The Haldane School Foundation is a community-based nonprofit organization committed to elevating the quality of public education in the Haldane Central School District.

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