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About the Haldane School Foundation

Statement of Purpose

The purpose of the Haldane School Foundation is to provide a community based, nonprofit organization that will help enhance the excellence of the Haldane Central School District’s public school education. The Foundation will encourage greater involvement and support of the schools by community, corporations, foundations, and other beneficial programs for the Haldane Schools.


The Haldane School Foundation will work in close collaboration with the Superintendent and administration, school faculty and members of the Haldane community in developing programs and projects for the schools. The Foundation will help raise funds for proposals that have been identified and turn such funds over to the school district, which will be responsible for their expenditure, through the Innovation Grants Process.

The HSF Mission

The mission of the Haldane School Foundation is to enhance the quality of public education by engaging the support and partnership of educators, citizens, parents and students. The Foundation is committed to the development of an exceptional system of public education by promoting excellence. The Foundation will:


  1. Strengthen the curriculum by serving as a catalyst for the development and promotion of innovative programs.

  2. Support additional professional development for faculty members and enhance the educational resources available to them.

  3. Increase the community’s awareness and support for its school.

Operating Principles

The operating principles that will drive the process by which the Foundation’s activities are as follows:


  1. All programs and activities must relate to the mission of the Foundation.

  2. A preference will be given to programs and activities that relate directly to student learning.

  3. The Foundation will work in close collaboration with the Board of Education and school administration in establishing parameters for the kinds of programs that will be funded, soliciting proposals, selecting projects, and evaluating the results of funded projects.

  4. The final decision for the expenditure of funds raised by the Foundation for specific programs and activities will be the responsibility of the Board of Education, pursuant to New York State Education law.

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