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The Haldane School Foundation Endowment

Investing IN the Future

Over the past 20 years, HSF has funded $1.75M in educational experiences and in 2021, we launched our endowment fund to enhance financial stability and increase our long-term granting capacity. The endowment will supplement the foundation's grant-making budget and increase the capacity to fund both annual and multi-year grants.


Our goal is to grow the endowment to $500K, which will allow us to draw an annual interest of approximately $25,000, resulting in a 30% increase in grant-making capability. The endowment campaign aims to secure HSF's future, guaranteeing that it can continue to support Haldane students and teachers for years to come.


The new HSF Finance Committee will oversee the endowment to ensure financial constancy and transparency. We are proud to have the Community Foundations of the Hudson Valley managing our endowment, which has been serving our community for over 50 years.


As we develop our endowment, we will continue to raise funds for current grants through our annual appeal and our yearly events. HSF’s programs make the difference between a good education and a great one. The investment we make stays with students for a lifetime!

Donate to the HSF Endowment

For more information on the HSF Endowment or to donate, contact:

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