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Empowering Future Innovators and Leaders

Explore HSF Grants and Scholarships

The Haldane School Foundation is dedicated to fostering a culture of innovation, excellence, and opportunity within the Haldane Central School District. Through our carefully curated grants and scholarship programs, we aim to provide the resources and support necessary for our students and educators to explore new horizons, achieve academic excellence, and bring transformative projects to life. Our grants empower faculty and students to implement creative and impactful educational initiatives, while our scholarships recognize and reward the hard work, dedication, and achievements of our outstanding seniors, preparing them for the next steps in their educational journeys.


As you navigate through our grants and scholarships pages, discover how you can contribute to or benefit from these opportunities, furthering our mission to enrich the educational experience at Haldane.

HSF GRANTS Applications

The Haldane School Foundation grants program is at the heart of our mission to support innovative and impactful educational projects. Our grants enable teachers, students, and community members to bring their visionary ideas to life, fostering a dynamic learning environment that goes beyond traditional classroom boundaries. From cutting-edge technology to unique learning experiences, HSF grants are catalysts for educational excellence and creativity.

HSF Scholarships Applications

Our scholarship program celebrates the achievements and aspirations of Haldane Central School District's graduating seniors. By providing financial assistance for higher education, HSF scholarships acknowledge the hard work, dedication, and potential of our students, supporting them as they embark on their next academic adventures. These scholarships are a testament to the community's belief in the power of education to shape futures.

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