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HSF Grant Committee Chairperson
Haldane School Foundation
Elementary Office


* Download Docx and Submit as PDF
Fall Cycle Deadline: October 31
Spring Cycle Deadline: April 30


*Download Instruction PDF and submit
via email

This completed application is due
via email by June 2, 2023


Old Souls Senior Scholarship for Environmental Studies 2023

*Download Instruction PDF and submit
via email

This completed application is due
via email by June 2, 2023


To Be Completed After Grant is Fulfilled

2018 to 2019

Proposals will be considered by the Haldane School Foundation Grant Committee and recommendations will be made to the Haldane School Foundation Board of Trustees. Please feel free to contact if you have any questions. Please complete all sections of application.

HSF Grant Application FAQ

Q.  Where is the application?
A. Download the application here


Q.  When is the application due?
A. We have two grant cycles - Spring and Fall.  Deadlines are April 30th and October 31st


Q.  Can I apply for an urgent ‘out of cycle’ grant?
A. If you have missed a grant cycle but have an urgent need for funding, you may submit an out of cycle grant application as long as you have the support and signature of the Haldane Superintendent.


Q.  How is it submitted?
A. Having printed the application from the HSF website, complete all sections and email as a PDF attachment (along with any supporting documentation) to
 using the title ‘HSF Grant Application’

Q.  Who can submit an application?
A. Any member of the Haldane community (staff member, student, parent, community member) as long as they are supported by a Haldane Faculty Member.


Q.  What happens after my application is submitted?
A1. Grant applications are given a brief, initial review to ensure that they are complete and have been signed off by a Haldane Faculty Member.  Incomplete applications will be returned.

A2. Depending on submission date, applications are held until either the Spring or Fall review meeting between HSF members and Haldane Administration.  Each application is reviewed and prioritized by Haldane Administration and discussed in terms of overall available HSF budget and grant allocation criteria (see below).

A3.  The HSF Grant Allocation Committee meets to review each application in detail.

A4.  Recommendations are made to the whole HSF Board, discussed and voted on.

A5.  Successful applications are then passed to the BOE for approval.

A6.  Applicants are informed via email whether their applications have been successful and funds have been allocated.


Q.  What criteria are used by the HSF to evaluate grant applications?
A.  We want to support programs that:

     a. Are in line with our Mission Statement

     b. Support and enhance the excellence of the Haldane Central School District

     c. Are directly related to student learning

     d. Are outside the scope of regular items budgeted by the BOE

     e. Provide supplies, equipment, software, resource materials, expertise and hands-on experiences

     f. Have meaningful impact on many students

     g. Are exciting, creative and innovative

     h. Generate enthusiasm for learning

     i. Have potential for long-term benefits for participating students and the district

     j. Can be continued beyond the initial project period

     k. Present specific and detailed methods of evaluation


Q.  Who do I contact if I have questions?
A. If you have any questions please email ​

Q.  If my application is successful, what happens?
A1.   If your program is fully or partially funded, you will be informed by email and given
a grant number which is used to track any money spent relating to that grant.  
A2.  Money allocated should be spent within a year and you should keep a careful
record for proper reimbursement via the school business office.
A3.  Share your program and acknowledge the HSF!  We are able to support your project because of our community, it really helps to share the wonderful things that are done with photos, news articles...whatever keeps our community connected.
A4.  Once your program is complete, go to the HSF website and complete a Grant Feedback Form

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