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Scholarship Applications

Supporting Academic and Environmental Excellence

The Haldane School Foundation is proud to offer two annual scholarship opportunities for Haldane High School seniors, aligning with our commitment to academic pursuit and environmental stewardship. By recognizing and supporting the educational journeys and environmental activism of our students, these scholarships reflect our mission to enhance educational experiences and promote a sustainable future. Through the generosity of community partnerships and the support of our donors, we're able to contribute to the academic achievements and career aspirations of our students, preparing them for a bright and impactful future.

All applications must be submitted to  by June 03, 2024.

Please submit all applications in PDF form. 

Haldane School Foundation Senior Scholarship

Overview: The Haldane School Foundation Senior Scholarship awards $2,000 to a senior who has felt the direct impact of HSF-sponsored grants on their education. With our foundation's history of funding diverse educational grants, from technological advancements to enriching field trips, we invite applicants to share how these initiatives have shaped their learning journey at Haldane. This scholarship celebrates the tangible effects of community-supported educational enhancements, highlighting the student's personal growth and academic enrichment.


Eligibility and Application: Applicants must be college or trade school-bound seniors at Haldane, demonstrating through essays the influence of HSF grants on their education. We look for detailed reflections on the ways these grants have broadened their educational horizons, encouraging narratives that showcase the foundation's role in fostering academic excellence.

Old Souls Senior Scholarship for Environmental Studies

Overview: In collaboration with Old Souls, the Old Souls Senior Scholarship for Environmental Studies offers $1,000 to a senior dedicated to environmental studies and activism. This scholarship underscores Old Souls' and HSF's shared vision of supporting sustainable practices and environmental protection. Applicants are encouraged to express their commitment to environmental issues, detailing their extracurricular activities, future educational goals, and how they plan to contribute to the field of environmental studies.


Eligibility and Application: Targeted at seniors with a passion for the environment, this scholarship requires essays that articulate an interest in environmental studies, activism, and plans for post-high school education in related fields. Through this scholarship, we aim to foster an enduring commitment to environmental stewardship and recognize students' contributions to sustainability and conservation efforts.


The Haldane School Foundation's scholarships represent our dedication to nurturing the academic success and environmental consciousness of Haldane's seniors. By supporting these areas, we not only honor our students' achievements but also contribute to the broader goals of educational enrichment and sustainable living. We invite all eligible seniors to apply, sharing their stories of academic growth and environmental advocacy.

Get to know The Haldane School Foundation

The Haldane School Foundation is a community-based nonprofit organization committed to elevating the quality of public education in the Haldane Central School District.

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