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HSF Trivia Night 2021


While we look forward to the day when our live in-person fundraising events can resume, we are excited to keep the Haldane School Foundation Trivia Night tradition alive, with a virtual twist! Teams compete in real time with live-streamed hosting by Craig Roffman and Lori Powers on Friday January 29th.


Trivia Night Rundown

The event begins at 8pm EST. We recommend logging in ten to fifteen minutes early to get set up. Teams will compete in multiple rounds of live trivia. The event is expected to last about 2 hours, with breaks in between some rounds. 


Live streaming will be hosted on our YouTube Live channel and the interactive gaming portion will be played on Crowdpurr, with the game displayed on the live stream side by side with our hosts. All participants will receive an email with detailed instructions for game play on the Crowdpurr Trivia platform about a week prior to Trivia Night. The link for the YouTube Live stream will be sent in an email a few hours before the event begins. 

Watch the virtual trivia night trailer


This will be an interactive team-based event, with teams made up of 1 to 8 players. Players on the same team do NOT need to be in the same location. You can set up a private group chat or call with your team members during the event (side chat, Facetime, Zoom, etc.). 

Team Play & CrowdPurr

On game night, using the "Advanced Team Mode" in Crowdpurr, all players join the game and choose their team from the available list (pre-populated by us based on the info you provide when you purchase your ticket(s)). Each player submits their answers individually, contributing to their team’s overall ranking. Team rankings will be displayed live and updated in real time on a leaderboard as part of the live stream. Each player contributes to boosting their team’s score! Team scores are weighted the same regardless of the number of players. This enables every player to actively participate and compete in real time instead of just one designated team captain entering answers, making for a more fun interactive virtual gaming experience. 


YouTube Live Chat

Players will be able to interact with other teams during the event via the live chat function to the right of the video stream. (This is not the chat to use for your personal team discussions, as it won’t be private.) We will have a moderator managing and guiding the chat, while players engage in cross-team banter, give shout-outs and even interact a bit with the hosts.


Honor Code

We trust that players will honor the sacred trivia code of not cheating. We have no way of regulating people’s use of the resources at their disposal. We respectfully ask that you play fairly, do your best and simply enjoy the spirit of the game.

Step 1: Purchase your tickets

We're no longer processing ticket sales through the website.  If you need a last minute ticket, contact us

Step 2: Team & Player Registration

Having issues filling out the form? Click here to view the form in your browser.

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